Faisal Movers Battagram

Faisal movers Battagram ticket price and timetable of faisal movers Battagram terminal contact number for online booking.

Faisal Movers Battagram

Faisal Movers Battagram Terminal and Bus Stop of Battagram which is Faisal Movers offers services in Battagram, one of the major cities in Pakistan. They provide bus transportation services connecting Battagram to various destinations across the country. You can check the Faisal Movers timetable, book tickets, and get more information about their services, including routes and prices, on their official website or at their Battagram terminals.

Faisal Movers Battagram Terminal

Facilites in faisal movers terminal are luxerious few of them are listed below.

Bus Seats

Reclining seat

Bus Seats

Charging Point

Bus Seats

Water bottle

Bus Seats


Bus Seats


Bus Seats


Bus Seats


Bus Seats



Faisal Movers Battagram Timings

Faisal movers Battagram timings and schedule for Battagram city is listed on bus schedule page of faisalmovers.com

The entire schedule for Faisal Movers busses is shown below. You can reserve any of these buses at any time, and they all leave every day. You can check the bus schedules to see if there are any open seats for your desired destination.

Faisal Movers Battagram Ticket Price

Faisal movers Battagram ticket price on this page regularly updated on time. Faisal movers Battagram ticket price for various destinations are listed on ticket price page.

Faisal Movers Battagram Online Booking

Faisal movers Battagram online booking for your ticket is easy to go portal on bookkaru.com or using sastaticket.pk and using faisalmovers official web portal to book your faisalmovers ticket online.

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All loyal customers of Faisal Movers can now purchase tickets online for maximum convenience. This is an excellent step that will enable you to locate the seat and make an online reservation. Since you can purchase the tickets online, there is no need to purchase them in person.

All you have to do is go to the Bookkaru website to quickly purchase your ticket. To ensure you receive a seat at the appropriate moment, you can also look up the time slots. Thus, go to www.bookkaru.com and reserve your ticket for Faisal Movers right away.

Faisal Movers Battagram Contact Number

Faisal Movers Battagram contact number or faisal movers helpline number and UAN for city Battagram are listed here.

Terminal City Name UAN Mobile Number
Faisalabad 041-2636276 0315-8679444
Multan 061-4517080 0311-1224488
Islamabad 091-111224488 0311-1224488
Lahore 091-111224488 0311-1224488
Rawalpindi 091-111224488 0311-1224488
Peshawar 091-111224488 0311-1224488
Sadiqabad 068-6790597 0315-6790597
Khanewal 065-2557111 0311-1224488
Rahim Yar Khan 068-5887797 0315-9725597
Sukkur 024-3558297 0314-6615597
Swat 046-111224488 0343-0224488
Sahiwal 040-4502960 0311-7119999
Karachi 021-111224488 03111224488
Bahawalpur 062-2888358 0311-1224488

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Faisal Movers’ services in Battagram, including schedules and booking options, it is recommended to visit their official website: Faisal Movers or contact them directly through the provided contact details on their website.

Headquarters Address: Faisal Movers, Abdullah Travels Band Road Lahore, Pakistan

UAN: 111-22-44-88

Contact Email: [email protected]

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